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At Elliott Blanchard Ltd we support any of the 4 different phases of change: diagnostic, designing, developing staff and assurance.

We can work with you to create a program that meets your needs. Our proven theories and frameworks will enable and empower your team to bring about meaningful, long lasting change and achieve a continuous improvement culture. 

How can we help?


We are able to complete qualitative and quantitative analysis, alongside staff, in order to pinpoint the issue and prepare staff for change.
  • Review and recommend

  • Deep dive analysis

  • Behavioral and culture evaluation

  • Staff well-being surveys

  • Using patient feedback for change

  • Staff attitudes to safety

  • Process mapping

  • Focus groups – all ages and specialist needs

  • Mystery shopper


Our creative and unique solutions work because we co-design them with you and support teams in developing clear implementation plans.
  • Creative solutions

  • Improvement bundles

  • Project management plans

  • Implementation support

  • Delivery plans for CQuINs

  • Team vision and culture

  • Communication solutions

  • Safer staffing

  • Campaign events

  • Processes and pathways

  • Safety culture and checklists

  • Environmental solutions

develop staff

We know change can be hard for your staff. Teaching our well-tested approach, theories and techniques, we are able to develop understanding amongst staff at all levels to create sustainable and meaningful change. 
  • Quality Improvement training / facilitation

  • Co-design workshops

  • Understanding data for improvement

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Systematic and social movement methodologies 

  • Coaching staff – leadership development, resilience

  • Team building

  • Behavioral and cultural change

  • Human factors

  • Communication skills

  • Lean tools and techniques


  • QSUS© software licence providing triangulated dashboards for Accreditations, Audits and User Surveys

  • Support implementation and sustainability of Accreditation processes

  • Manage CQC improvement plans

  • Senior leadership walk rounds

  • Assurance visits for NEDs and Governors

  • Develop organisational strategies

  • Programmes to ensure use of QI in delivery of strategies

We develop assurance frameworks that support a culture of continuous improvement and can provide our QSUS© software as your ongoing measurement tool, enabling you to monitor sustainability, identify areas for improvement and to celebrate success.

Contact us to discuss your needs

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