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We have developed our unique modular software so you can have everything all in one place. By bringing together the perspectives of staff, patients and senior teams, in one dashboard, QSUS allows you to measure quality and respond quickly to data when making improvements. 

For each of our modules:

  • Quality metrics

  • Patient Experience

  • Ward Accreditations

We have developed specialist libraries with NHS staff, including Acute hospital wards, Outpatients, Theatres and Fertility Clinics. See the full list of specialist libraries here.


Ward Round Accreditation Module to support you implementing the latest RCP/RCN Guidance for Modern Ward Rounds (2021)

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More time for the things that matter

Using automated reporting and real time data collection, QSUS takes the hassle out of reporting, giving you more time to focus on building your team and ensuring your patients are getting the best care possible.

Patients as equal partners

We believe that patients should be at the front, middle and end of the improvement process. And so, in order to do that well, we give you the ability to put the power in their hands and bring patients into the conversation about what they want to see improve

Build a culture people want to be part of

When you work in the same place every day, it matters that you enjoy what you do and believe in the purpose behind it. Which is why we don’t just give your team the ability to monitor quality, we give them the pride to continuously achieve more. If you want even more support for your team, contact us to find out about our team sessions.

ABOUT the modulES

Our accreditation module provides all the resources you need to support your ward accreditation programme.
Visits are completed using our colour coded prompt sheets, assessing against 30 standards and combine to create an overall ‘awarded status’ of Gold, Silver, Bronze, White or Flagged.
The QSUS software will then automatically generate reports and create a dashboard of results, which allows you to publish results at both ward and organisational level after validation.

Ward Accreditations

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Patient Experience

The patient experience module allows you to involve patients as equal partners in monitoring the quality of care and services.
Feedback survey questions provided are triangulated with monthly metrics data in the dashboard.
The Friends and Family Test (FFT) results and free text comments are then exported as an infographic at ward level. Additional patient feedback data, collected on paper or via SMS, can be uploaded to the software for a complete all-in-one dashboard.
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By implementing our standardised quality metric questions across all wards and departments, you will have organisational oversight of all key standards in care and practices.
This module provides a comprehensive set of audit questions under 14 categories which can be completed on a monthly basis by the ward/dept manager.
Data is then presented as a heat map and dashboard of data over time at ward, group and organisational level. Specialist reports, such as IPC and safeguarding, are also generated each month and sent to specified leads.
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Quality Metrics

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