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QSUS Academy is the best place to learn about quality improvement. We wanted to make learning quality improvement accessible to as many people as possible, especially during this pandemic period. Which is why we have developed the QSUS Academy, providing you and your team the opportunity to learn and develop in a fun, interactive way. Not only that, but the e-learning package can also be supported with a handbook; drop in virtual clinics that are hosted remotely by ourselves; remote consultant support during QI projects; and on-site cohort programmes when the situation allows.

Courses Available

Involving others in QI - Asset Based Thinking

People are your greatest asset for change. Involving the right people in the right way will help you to achieve strong ownership and may even help you find some of your best ideas. In this course we will help you identify who you need to involve and plan how to get them involved.

Using QI to improve your environment

Our environment can affect the way we work, how we feel and the effectiveness of team communication. In this course we will go through a number of models which can help you remove waste, improve efficiency and add value. 

Using QI to Improve Processes

Improving processes so that current issues can be improved and future processes are streamlined, more efficient and safe, will help support you and your team to work more effectively. This course explains the tools and techniques you need to ensure high quality experiences for all.

Fundamental QI



3 Frameworks

In this course we take you through the fundamentals of Quality Improvement. This is an essential course which we recommend for all staff, as we go through Triangle4Change©, SO WHAT©, and Model of Improvement.

Introduction to Lean Thinking Principles

Our QI Methodology has been developed based on Lean Thinking principles. Understanding these principles will help you know how to apply the 3 frameworks to any situation, and know which tools and techniques to use.

How to use

data for change

Collecting, presenting and analysing data gives you quantifiable measures of success. This course will help you understand how to use data confidently and measure your QI change work.

We can't wait for you to start learning with us!

If your employer already has access to the QSUS Academy, click the login button at the top of the page to start learning today.

If you want to join the QSUS Academy, contact us for advice on what courses are best for you and your team, and get a quote today. 

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